Norton Setup

Norton Setup is a mechanism that guarantees your devices’ protection against all cyber-threats. This process is combined with multiple steps starting from the purchase and ensign with the installation of the software. After the successful completion of the Norton setup, you will get an advanced, innovative, and unmatched security shield for your device and data. Along with this, it will help you also review your security over multiple devices and enhance your digital life by making it more secure and safe. This article will provide you the step-by-step instructions to perform the setup and take your protection to the next level. 

Detailed Procedure to Perform Setup on Your Computing Device

Detailed Procedure to Perform Norton Setup on Your Computing Device

The procedure for setting up your Norton subscription is stated below. For trouble-free processes, every step of the process has to be followed cautiously.

Step 1: Purchase the Norton Subscription

The process of Norton Setup starts with a purchase of Norton’s premium products. Norton has classified all its products and services in three distinct categories naming Comprehensive Plans, Online Privacy, and More. All the categories have multiple products and services that are designed with notable and innovative features. To enjoy all the features, you have to make a purchase of any of the premium Norton products. 

Online Purchase: To get the list online, move to the official website using the “” URL. From the homepage, navigate to the product window. Evaluate all the available products and their features. Finally, make a choice of the product or service that meets all your requirements. Move ahead to the purchase by clicking “Subscribe Now”. To complete the process, sign in to your Norton Account or build a new one and input your billing details. Once Norton gets the payment, you will receive a confirmation mail regarding your purchase of Norton subscription. 

Offline Purchase: You can also make a purchase via a retail shop. For this, you need to visit a shop selling Norton products and choose the preferred one and make the payment. 

Step 2: Activation

For conducting the activation process, you first need to make a product keycode available with you. Your product key is available at a different location as per the mode through which you have made the purchase. For example, on making the purchase online, you have to look in the confirmation mail. However, if you have purchased offline then look at the retail card which you can find inside the box. 

If you purchased a product from Online Store: Once you get the code, switch to the activation window by entering the URL “”. Now, click the yellow-colored tab stating “Enter a product key” and sign in to your account. When a long field will prompt on your screen, enter the code that you have with you. Each character of the code is required to be entered with the utmost care. To confirm, tap the Arrow icon which is positioned at the end of the field. 

If you have a Product box: If you bought the product via the retail store, then you will have to access the window “”. Then, sign in to your account using the appropriate email address and password. If necessary, then make a new account. Later to this, you will obtain a field to input the Norton Product Key. Tap on the arrow icon after entering the keycode. A popup box will now show up asking you to agree with the terms and conditions. Before you accept and move, click the link and read them carefully. Then, click the “Agree and Continue” tab.  The next window will now ask you to make a selection of payment methods and enter the billing details. This is needed for opting for the Auto-renewal service. A confirmation message will display once your activation gets complete.

Step 3: Download the Setup File

After the activation, you will receive the link for downloading the Norton setup file. You will find an “Agree and Download” tab on your screen. Before you click the tab and initiate the download, you must read the terms and conditions. The link for the same is provided below the tab. Take a glimpse and return back to the download window. Now, click the download tab and the process will begin.

Step 4: Install the Norton Subscription

Installation of the setup file is the final step of the Norton setup process. You need to access the file for installation, then double-click it. You will then get the popup box seeking your permission to step forward. Grant permission to each of the popup boxes. Mac users will get an additional pop-up box for entering the administrative username and password. Enter the details carefully. Lastly, hit the “Install” tab and the process for installation will begin.