Norton Product Key

Norton product key is a 25-character string that consists of both the alphabets and numbers. It is necessary to acquire the product key so that you can install and activate your software without any interruption. There are multiple ways to obtain the keycode which is solely based on how you purchased the subscription. Here is the complete information regarding the different locations of the Norton product key code. 

Get the Product Keycode from the Norton Account
    • To locate the product key in your Norton account, navigate to
    • Sign In window displays. Use your Norton registered email address and password for signing in. 
    • You will see the Profile Icon beside your name in the top-right corner of the window. Click on it and select My Subscriptions from the options displayed. 
    • A list of all the subscriptions which are within the validity period will be shown to you. Take a note of the keycode specified next to your product name. 
From the Order Confirmation Mail

In the inbox folder of your Norton registered email address, view the order confirmation mail that you have received just after the purchase of your product. If you can’t locate the mail in the inbox folder, check for the mail in the Spam folder. Access the mail to know your product information including the Norton Product Keycode and Product Serial Number. 

From the Retail Card

If you purchase a Norton product from a retail store, you will be given a packaged box that includes a software CD for installation and a retail card. Take out the retail card from the box and lookup for the keycode. But if you have not received any retail card, there must be a sticker pasted on the backside of the software CD that contains a keycode.

How to use the Norton product key for activation?

How to use the Norton product key for activation

After acquiring the product keycode, the next step is Norton Setup. Here is the complete and clear process that will help you to activate your product. Hence, follow the below-mentioned directions carefully. 

    1. Go to, click Enter Product Key and it will redirect you to the Sign In window. 
    2. Input the Norton login credentials into their allotted fields, click Sign in and the activation window will turn up on your screen. 
    3. Insert the product keycode into the field given in the middle of the screen and click on the right-arrow icon. In the next window, click on the Agree & Download button, and to step forward you have to access the downloaded file. 
    4. This will show you the Norton Installer window, click on the Install button after reading all the software agreements. 
    5. When the installation processing is over, you can launch the software to enable all the security features.

How to resolve the Invalid Norton Product Key error message?

There are circumstances when your device screen shows an “invalid product key” error message at the time of activation. There may be several reasons behind it. Here are some suggestions that may resolve your issue within real-time. 

    1. First of all, review the keycode you are typing and ensure that it is absolutely correct. Verify the keycode from the Norton account, order confirmation mail, or from the retail card.
    2. It is to be noted that you should always log in with the correct Norton account. If you have more than one Norton account, you have to certify that the product key you are going to redeem must be registered with the account from which you have signed in. 
    3. Make sure that you are using the keycode for the correct subscription. If you have more than one subscription of Norton, for example, Norton Antivirus Plus and Norton Secure VPN and you have mistakenly entered the antivirus activation keycode on VPN, then the error code will be displayed. 
    4. If you attempt to activate your product after installation and it is showing Invalid Norton Product Key error message after several attempts, you need to update your software. For that, you have to visit Here you will see a tab “Update Me Now”. Click on it and then proceed with the on-screen prompts. Once the update is done successfully, try to activate your product. You will no longer face the invalid Norton product key message.