is the web address for creating and signing in to your Norton account. If you are a Norton user, then you must visit the login window and perform the account creation process. To help you out with the process, go through the information given below.

Procedure to Build a Norton Account
  1. The process for Norton account creation initiates with the opening of a web browser.
  2. Then, look for the address field and type the relevant URL into it. The URL to reach the Norton login window is “”.
  3. You must choose the “Create an Account” tab once you access the webpage.
  4. Doing so, you will get the account creation form on your screen. 
  5. Fill in all the information in their respective fields. Starting with the email address that you want to connect with your Norton account. 
  6. Next to this, create a password that will safeguard your account from spying eyes and provide it with a protection shield. The passcode you create should be unmatched from any of your other passwords.
  7. The next few fields of account creation form must be provided with your personal information such as your name, mobile number, and country of your residence. 
  8. Beneath the country field lies a checkbox that is to be tick marked if you want to receive periodic updates from Norton. You can also opt not to tick mark the checkbox. 
  9. After that, take a glimpse at the Privacy Policy of Norton that will tell you about the terms and conditions that you have to accept in order to move ahead. 
  10. Finally, tap on the “Create Account” tab. As you click the tab, you will be moved to your Norton account.

How to Gain Access to Your Norton Account via

To gain access to your Norton account, you need to visit the login web page using the “” URL. The process of Norton login requires you to have your email address and password with you. These credentials must match the one that you have used while creating the account. All you need to do is, reach the” webpage, type in the credentials in the empty fields, and hit “Sign In”. This is how you can successfully gain access to your account. 

However, to make the process more simpler and convenient, you can opt to save your credentials. This will make the system remember your account and its credentials and allows you to sign in without entering them multiple times. For this option, you will get a “Remember Me” checkbox. Tick Mark it and your details will get saved and then manage your Norton Account and Norton Setup.

General FAQs

Ans. The Norton login process ( is quite simple and easy to perform. However, there are times when a user gets stuck in the middle of the process due to several reasons. Some of the common reasons behind the errors are mentioned below. 

    • Outdated internet browser: Update your browser to the latest version available. 
    • Incorrect URL: Carefully use the correct URL for the login window i.e.
    • Network Connection: Poor internet connection is another reason behind the error. Hence, reboot your router and connect it again.
    • Wrong Password Entered: The passwords you provide are case-sensitive. So, enter each character exactly the same as you have created. Also, if you have saved the password on your system and it showing incorrect then delete it and add a new password in it. 

Ans. Norton Passwords Manager is a vault that is designed to make the login process effortless. It is an online vault that keeps all your login information safe and secure and helps you to access your multiple accounts without entering the credentials. Along with this, it educates you about the creation of passwords that are difficult to break. 

Ans. To remain informed about Norton, many users opt to receive emails regarding various offers, new updates, and more. However, it becomes important to validate that the emails are legitimate and are sent by Norton itself. To verify this, you have to look for the following points.

    • Domain name: It must be either or
    • Make sure Norton never asks for additional charges.
    • There are only a few emails from which you will receive the mails.