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Norton Setup & Installation

What is Norton Antivirus?

Norton Antivirus software has a comprehensive collection of antivirus and internet security programs to secure your computing device. It scans your devices on a regular basis within a few seconds and it won’t slow down the performance of your system while scanning. Also, it provides advance security protection against existing and emerging web threats. 

Norton antivirus is a safe and secure cybersecurity solution using which you can surf online freely without worrying about the hackers. You will also be notified whenever you access websites containing malicious or harmful contents. It also tracks data that has been sent from your computer to another computer and then blocks unauthorized traffic.

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Norton Antivirus

Moreover, it protects your confidential information while surfing or performing banking transactions online. Norton offers different products with enhanced and up to date features that you can avail from its official website i.e Different products of Norton include Antivirus Plus, Norton 360 Deluxe, Norton 360 Premium, and many more. For the you can buy any of these products according to your requirements and enjoy all of its features to protect your device. You can also grab the Norton subscription offline by visiting the retail store.

Why choose Norton antivirus?

Norton antivirus provides you ultimate and award winning protection so that the users can surf online freely and secure the device from all sorts of online threats and viruses. This antivirus comes with a complete security package that includes various advanced and top-notch features. Once you complete the process, you can easily access this software to get access to all of its features. And then, you can access this antivirus subscription on different systems to get protection against the viruses, ransomware, spyware, etc. 

  • Norton includes a feature of Password manager that lets you store and manage your passwords of different online platforms.  
  • In addition to this, it avoids access to unsafe websites and suspicious downloads in order to prevent viruses from entering into your system. 
  • Using this software you can keep your system out of viruses and other online threats with 100% protection. 
  • Norton Antivirus Software is integrated with some more features such as cloud backup facility, secure VPN and parental control. 
  • The best part about this antivirus software is that you will be notified in advance whenever the renewal of your Norton product comes to end. So, that you can renew it automatically or manually to continue with the subscription and to protect your device.

How to create my Norton Account?

Norton Account
Norton account enables the users to use one single platform to handle all their subscriptions. The users have to create their Norton account the moment when they buy the product. Also, the Norton account is necessary so that you can extend your protection against emerging threats to your computing devices. Go ahead with the following steps in order to create your Norton account for
  • First of all, ensure that your computing device is turned on. Also, your device must be connected to the fast and uninterrupted internet connection. 
  • Thereafter, look forward to the newly launched and updated version of the internet browser on your computer system. Some of the examples of internet browsers are Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google, Chrome, etc for the Windows operating system and Apple Safari for the Mac operating system. 
  • Next, access the official webpage of Norton just by using the web address
  • Click on the Create an account tab to launch the Norton account creation window. 
  • The following screen will ask you to fill in the application form to create your Norton account successfully. Fill in the empty text field with the information such as email address, re-type email address, and password that you want to associate with this account. Also, specify your full name and 10 digits valid and running mobile number in the separate text fields. 
  • Apart from this, also look for the statement of Privacy Policy and carefully read it. 
  • Locate and select the Create Account tab. After this, it will send you a verification email on your email address.
  • Look for the email received from Norton and select Verify to confirm the email address.
How to Download Norton?
Norton Download
  • Move to the homepage of Norton via web URL. Here, look for the Products & Services tab and click on it. You will trace this tab on the top of the header bar. 
  • Afterwards, you will see a list of Norton products, go through it and  then make the appropriate choice. Along With this, if you are looking for some more Norton products then you can simply select the More Norton option and then choose the product.  
  • Now, opt for the Norton product that suits you best as per your requirements and tap on the highlighted Subscribe Now option. 
  • Consequently, it will present the Shopping Cart window on your computer screen. Here, have a look at the total amount of the order that you have purchased and click on Proceed to secure checkout tab. This tab is located on the left-hand side of the following window. 
  • Next, you will be asked to Sign In to your Norton Account. You must insert the Norton login credentials correctly within the specified text fields and press the Sign In button. 
  • You will be redirected to the Norton Billing and Information webpage. Here, you first have to choose the payment method as per your choice that you are currently using. Then, fill in the relevant details with the required details like the name of the cardholder, expiration date, account number, card number, etc. 
  • After this, you also have to input the relevant billing information such as your current address, name of your city and country in which you are living, etc. Along with this, you also have to input your working and valid phone number that you are currently using and tap Next.
  • Go through your order carefully once again and give your confirmation and tap the Place Order tab. 
  • Simply access your Norton account and on the main interface, you can easily navigate your purchased Norton subscription. And then, press the Download button in order to continue with Norton Setup
  • Examine the terms and conditions of the Norton antivirus carefully and opt for Agree & Download.

How to Install Norton?

  • As you have downloaded the purchased Norton subscription, you have to look for the setup file from the downloads folder. Once you locate this file, double-click on it to open the file. 
  • The pop-up box for user account control will be instantly displayed on your computer screen. Press the yes button to grant your approval for making such changes to your device.   
  • Now, you will see the main interface of the Norton Installer on your screen. Here you will get a link of Norton License Agreement and  Privacy Policy link. Also, you will get a link for Third-Party Policies. Study each of the agreements carefully without skipping any terms and conditions mentioned just by clicking on it one by one. After carefully reading all of them, return back to the main interface of Norton Installation. 
  • Afterwards, you have to press the yellow-colored Install button located at the bottom of the page for This will subsequently initiate the installation process. After this, wait until the process of installation gets completed as it will take some time to complete. Also, you must not shut down the window until the installation process is completed.
  • Once you have successfully installed the Norton software, you can move further with the Norton Setup

How to Activate Norton via

It is important to activate your Norton purchased subscription so that you can access all the latest and advanced features of Norton on your device. Moreover, just after activating your subscription you can protect your device and confidential information from unauthorized access. In order to activate your Norton product using the web address, you must have a Norton Product Key. You can find this product key from the order confirmation mail or within the Norton account. Also, you can acquire it on the label of the retail card that you will get inside the product box.  

  • Firstly, move to the Norton Activation window with the help of the web URL
  • On the main interface of Norton activation, look for the Enter a product key tab and click on it. 
  • Afterwards, you have to sign in or construct a new account as required. For Signing in to your account, you have to insert a username and password that is linked with this account. Once you have inserted the details properly click Sign In.
  • When you are successfully logged in to your Norton account, you will see a long text field where you have to insert the Norton product key. Be very vigilant while inserting the product key in the text field. Review the same after entering it and hit the arrow key. Here completes the activation of your Norton purchased subscription successfully.
Norton Account

How do I change my Norton account password?

You need to change your Norton account password on a regular interval of time to keep your account safe and secure from hackers. Once you have finished the process, look at the steps of changing the Norton password given below. 

  • First and foremost you have to sign in to your Norton account. For this, access the main interface of Norton and click Sign In. After this, use the Norton login credentials linked with this account to log in to your account successfully.
  • In the Norton account portal, search for the Profile icon from the top-right corner of the page. And then, press the Personal Information option from the extended list of options. 
  • Now, you will see the Edit icon next to the Password field, tap on it in order to change your Norton password.  
  • This will take you to the window of Update Password. Here, start by inserting the existing password of the Norton account. 
  • Thereafter, generate a new password just by keeping in mind that it should fulfill the basic requirements of a strong and secure password. 
  • After this, copy the same password as mentioned in the above text field.
  • At last, you have to press the highlighted Change Password tab to complete the process.

How to renew Norton Subscription?

In order to get the latest updates about your purchased Norton product, it is essential to renew your Norton subscription on an annual or monthly basis. Once you have completed the activate your Norton product key for you can proceed further with the renewal process. 

Renewal Of your Norton subscription manually 

  • Initially, sign in to your Norton account using the registered username and password. 
  • Once you reach the main interface of your Norton account look for the Device Security option and click on it.
  • Now, from the webpage of Norton, press Renew option.
  • You have to purchase the Norton products of your choice and tap Buy Now tab. And then login to your account if prompted.
  • Mention all the billing information and further you have to place your order. 
  • Your subscription will automatically be renewed once you have accomplished the purchase part.

There is yet another method i.e Automatic renewal method through which you can renew your subscription.This is the easy and simple way that you can opt for renewing your Norton subscription. When you opt for this renewal your service will be renewed automatically without the intervention of the users. It will save all your personal information along with the billing details and after this it renews the subscription on its own before it ends.

Norton subscription
How to Reinstall Norton via ?
Reinstall Norton

It is important to reinstall the Norton antivirus software when you face any difficulty in installation or accessing the software. So, to fix this issue you need to first uninstall and then re-install the software again for

Reinstall Using Norton Remove And Reinstall Tool

This is a reinstall tool that is only compatible with Windows operating systems. In order to reinstall the Norton software via Norton Remove and Reinstall tool you first have to download it and then run the tool. After this, it uninstalls the previously installed Norton product and reboots your system. Further, it installs the most recently launched Norton software on its own. You don’t have to perform any manual action to re-install the software.

Reinstall Norton software manually

To reinstall it manually you first have to ensure that you have uninstalled the already installed Norton software from your system. After this, first you have to download the software using the download link that you will get in the Norton account or from the order confirmation mail. 

Once you successfully download it, install the software by locating and then double-clicking on the setup file.If prompted, Mac users have to insert the login credentials.  Analyze the license agreement of Norton and then press the Install button. After this, to activate your Norton subscription using your product key that you get at the time of purchase. Access the webpage to activate your subscription by following the steps mentioned above.

How to Activate Norton with Product Key Using